Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The last post...

And so we have all arrived home safe and sound. Well done to all the pupils and staff for working so hard and so well together to make the trip such a memorable adventure!

Pics from the flight to Glasgow:

We took care to ensure all risk assessment protocols were strictly adhered to...

Dr R was stationed by the emergency stop button:

Regular head counts:

There goes that suitcase again...

And finally we make it out of the airport:

Au revoir from all the staff - it is definitely time for a rest!


  1. Glad your all home safe and sound I hope! Well done to you all. Next year I'm coming so that you can't keep teasing me on the blog page!

  2. Count me in too! Mrs Offord and I can be the honorary SAGA members of the team.

  3. Good to have you all home safe and sound. Fantastic blog and thank you for taking the time to upload it every night so we could "be there" with you.

  4. Well done guys. Thanks for all your hard work.