Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Part of what CMF does is to help support families to begin to support themselves. One way they do this is by buying goats for families. The goat can be used for milk, for producing fertiliser or for breeding and then selling on the kids. The first female kid that the goat gives birth to is given back to CMF so they can give it to another family.

Myself, Ailie, Jennifer and Euan went to the market this morning to buy 3 goats to give to some families. It was quite an experience!

(I promise I was holding on tight Mrs Offord!!!)

The goats were secured in the back of the pick up for the journey to their new homes:


  1. How do I tell the difference between a goat and Miss Oakley? Ah I know the goats are strapped in!

  2. Aha, the fear of Mrs O reaches all the way to Africa!