Monday, 17 June 2013


Today was the hand over of the iPads to the school. We knew there would be a little ceremony but we had no idea of the true scale of the event...

Traditional clothes were hired:

We even had someone to help us dress:

When we arrived at Nsinda school we were a little overwhelmed by what was waiting for us. All the desks from the classrooms were outside, there was a large tent erected, there was a PA system, and many pupils and staff from both Kabare and Nsinda schools:

We had to sit in special seats under the canopy:

The ceremony lasted for 4 hours in total! There were many different traditional musical and dance items along with a poetry recitation, lots of speeches, a martial arts demonstration and some marching from the scouts!

We did have to join in with some of the dancing...

Videos are available for a small fee!!!

We also brought a Scottish influence to the celebration by performing 'The Song of the Clyde' and 'Amazing Grace':

We then had the official handing over of the iPads to the head teachers:

We then gave out certificates to all the staff who had completed the iPad training:

The schools gave us gifts to thank us:

It was a super ceremony - thanks to all who helped to organise it!


  1. A typical Rwandan ceremony. Hope you enjoyed the dancing ;-)

  2. Looking forward to seeing a repeat of those moves guys.... It looks fatastic, what a welcome.

  3. An unforgettable experience for you all. Every picture tells a story.