Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sponsored Walk

The whole school embarked on a sponsored walk today in order to raise funds for our Rwanda 2013 expedition. The weather was great and it was an excellent day - all the pupils did very well.
P7 - S6 had to walk 10 miles: from the school to Lunderston Bay (via the Esplanade) and then back to Gourock train station. Here are some photos taken along the way:

We met up with Primary 1 along the way:

Jacqueline was on hand to offer any assistance (or just a cup of tea) that was required:

We made it to Lunderston Bay:

We popped into the Garden Centre for a cup of tea. Sarah Kakooza, who is one of the founders of the charity that we will be working with in Rwanda, met us there:

The journey back to Gourock was more challenging and some were beginning to wilt...

Others remained full of life!!!

We made it to the finish point - well done!!!

Stuart and Mr C had different strategies for coping with the weather...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Leo's fundraising

Leo brought in a cheque today for the amount raised at the fundraising event he and his family held recently in Brookfield - a fantastic £900! Thanks to all who helped organise and support it.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Spring Concert

The Senior Choir gave a fantastic performance at the Spring Concert on Wednesday night. They were joined by the primary choir, some former pupils, staff, parents and friends in making the concert really excellent.

The concert was very well attended - many thanks to all who supported it. In particular we want to thank Emma Rukin for organising such a successful event. We raised a total of £740 from the ticket money and donations for the Rwanda 2013 expedition - many thanks to everyone who contributed.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Many thanks to Theresa Reilly, Leo and all his family for planning, organising and running a very successful fundraiser yesterday. It was very well attended and raised a fantastic £825 in total! Thanks to all who supported it!

Ailie was the proud winner of one of the top prizes - a stay for two at Seamill Hydro! Well done Ailie!

Location:Union Street,Greenock,United Kingdom

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Enterprising supporters!

Stewart in P3 is a very enterprising pupil - he successfully runs his own business selling eggs. He is saving up all his profits for the next few months and has pledged to give them to support the Rwanda expedition! The amount he saves will also be doubled by the family business, Scaffrite.

Thanks very much Stewart, we really appreciate it!